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Tirthapuri @ Mt.Kailash

Mt. Kailash and Lake Manasarovar are surrounded with a number of sites of religious significance. The highly spiritual and one of the most splendid pilgrimage which is near Kailash Manasarovar is Tirthapuri which has already reserved a special place in Hindu pilgrims with its spiritual relevance and miraculous aura. Tirthapuri’s hot springs are majorly known for acting as a cure to the physical ailments of the pilgrims. Another name for this Parvat is Bhasmasur Parvat and is situated at the northwest of Mt. Kailash and the north bank of the Sutlej River. Tirthapuri(4310m) is famous for its sacred hot springs. The Tirthapuri Hot Springs are believed to possess healing properties, which is the biggest reason for pilgrims' visit here. To reach Tirthapuri one need to drive 65km west of Darchen and then 9km south of Mensi (Moincer). The parikrama (circumambulation) around Tirthapuri takes around one hour to complete. Next, the parikrama takes you to a sour earth hole, followed by a sweet earth hole. It is at this sweet earth hole where you'll find stones that are believed to carry healing properties. Here, visitors must see the Karma Testing hole. This is not a common hole, but it’s the hole where visitors check their Karma level. For testing the Karma level, you just have to enter the hole and take out two stones. If you take two white stones out, it’s mean your karma level is good. If you take out one white and one black stone, then it’s means you need to do improvement in good karma. Therefore, you should judge yourself before doing anything. You take out two black stones, then it’s a matter to worry for you. Taking two black stone out from this hole represents you as an evil soul. Therefore, you need to change your way of living. Since you may be tired a little after a long trek, you have the hot springs where you can relax yourself, soak up your feet or take a holy dip. Beautifully colored terraces around the hot springs also make for a nice relaxing spot.

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